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Valentine’s Day Gifts to Get Your Partner in Ghana – 2024

Love’s in the air 💗. So cliché.

Scratch that.

Cupid’s arrow has struck. Better.

Valentine’s is just a few days away and you have the perfect person to share the day with. Make the best of the day.

You don’t have to wait till it is too late to get your loved ones the gift. Do the the research now and buy the gifts tomorrow.

When is Valentine’s Day?

In 2024, Val’s Days will fall on a Wednesday.


Candles will set the mood right. Not just any candle, romantic scented candles will do it. And when you light it to surprise your partner don’t forget to put on your Val’s Day’s Playlist.

Spa Gift Voucher

There are so many spas in Ghana but it’s only a handful that provide top notch services.

Here is a spa to check out:

Studio 7 Beauty Salon and Spa.


Roses are Red, Valentines are Flowers… That’s my short poem. It sucks, I know.

Flowers are ladies’ favourite. Don’t just get any flower, buy her a flower she likes or she would like like red roses.

Red roses are usually the preference of many. Get your loved one some flowers, fresh or artificial.


Food takes care of all occasions. Not just food, good food. Treat your loved ones this 14th February to some curated cuisines. If the restaurant requires it, book a table early to avoid disappointment.

You can also get your partner their favorite food, and that includes pizza, burger, desserts, ice cream and many more.

Some restaurants that have good ambience for a romantic dinner in Accra are:

  • Vine
  • Brasa
  • Santoku


We all love cakes. Get your partner cake or cupcakes.

You can order your cakes from Kareena Cakes or Frankie’s.


My favourite chocolate is Kingsbite. Yeah, I have heard of Swedish milky chocolates and I know they taste nice but Ghana’s Kingsbite is really nice and not mixed with so many other ingredients.

Get your loved one Golden Tree’s Kingsbite and they would love.

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